These Are 7 Brands Dominating On TikTok That You Really Must Check Out.

TikTok is the app that everyone seems to be using to make and share short videos, and it’s basically Snapchat in the year 2020. It caught on like wildfire with the millennial generation, and it has become one of the year’s most popular applications in terms of downloads.

Many companies are beginning to see that they must have a presence there or risk losing out on a prime networking and advertising opportunity.

There has been a lot of worry regarding TikTok’s security as of late, but there is some encouraging news. The platform is working to address these concerns, and Microsoft, a major player in the United States, may soon acquire it.

In the meanwhile, the app has not been banned in the United States, and businesses may reach a large and engaged audience, especially among the young, by using TikTok.

Fenty Beauty

As a brand, Fenty Beauty has been dominating TikTok for some time.

Women of varying skin tones demonstrate how to achieve specific looks in quick, easy-to-follow instructions. As you can “buy the looks from your favourite videos” via a link on the profile page, the tutorials are a great way to promote the company’s cosmetics and drive sales.


Vessi’s TikTok videos naturally focus heavily on the company’s unique selling point: watertight footwear.

Videos such as “but are they wine-proof?,” in which a lady pours a bottle of red wine over a pair of shoes that emerge undamaged (and dry), and “wash your elder father’s shoes with a hose to see whether they’re waterproof,” are doing wonders for this company’s popularity on TikTok.

Jasmine RDH

It’s possible that a dentist’s office is the last thing in your mind when you think about TikTok enterprises. Yet, JasmineRDH, a dentist, crushes it on the platform like few others in her profession, proving that even companies in traditionally uninteresting fields may succeed there.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post is usually taken seriously, but in their TikTok content they’re going for full-on silliness. Their “We are a newspaper” title is so absurd it practically begs for additional haiku submissions from readers.

Here is an example of the positive outcomes that can occur when you challenge yourself. Although Gen Z users aren’t typically the most avid readers, it’s important to earn their trust by developing a rapport with this new demographic as soon as possible.

Nutritionist Leanne

Leanne Ward, a registered dietitian, has gained over a quarter of a million followers and five million likes on her TikTok videos in which she discusses health, exercise, and nutrition.

Ward not only provides a wealth of information on how to shed extra pounds, but also has a remarkable understanding of and respect for the audience she is speaking to. She promotes healthy, well-balanced food rather than fad or extreme diets in her movies aimed at youngsters.


Need a recommendation for a company that has found success with influencer marketing on TikTok? Don’t bother looking any farther than Chipotle. This isn’t unexpected given the brand’s track record of success on social media.

They’ll contact influential people and ask them to write material centred on a promotion, sale, or campaign they’re launching. Here, we see influencer Zach King “moonwalking” with a $4 #boorito that was part of a Halloween special. King claims this photo is an advertisement.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has previously maintained largely consistent material on both Instagram and TikTok, but has since broadened their reach.

Major models for the company, such as Kendal Jenner, are frequently included in their content. Naturally, this has a high rate of success.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, TikTok is a lot like an even quirkier Instagram, and it’s hard to say if it will be a passing phenomenon like Vine or a sustainable platform like Instagram.

We can say with absolute certainty that it is currently extremely topical and much acclaimed.

In addition, while members of Generation Z and the Millennial generation make up the bulk of the platform’s users, older users are also exploring it out of curiosity, and information published there is increasingly being shared elsewhere.

Investing time into planning how you’ll notify your followers of new material on TikTok might prove to be highly fruitful.