17 Post Ideas For Your Social Media Content Calendar

A marketer’s worst nightmare is hitting a wall of ingenuity. Put this massive list of social media post ideas to use across all of your profiles. You can find something new to show your audience wherever they spend the most time online.

Publish Company Blogs

Could you tell me if there is a company blog? If you want people to read your blog, you should share it on your own social media accounts. Make sure the business blog posts you’re publishing actually help your readers.

Write a Blog Post about the Work Environment

Exhibit your company’s culture by posting an image or article that exemplifies your values. It could be an article detailing the company’s unique approach to a problem or a behind-the-scenes photo of an employee engaging in some offbeat activity.

Highlighting Recent Developments in the Industry

Make a list of trade publications and industry-related websites that you frequent for news updates. Identify them on Twitter and start following them. If they post something you think your followers would enjoy, share it with them on Twitter or another platform.

Distribute Selected Content

Simply put, content curation is the act of redistributing the work of other experts in your field. The things you want to say to your readers may already exist in the form of someone else’s words. You can quickly share someone else’s content instead of taking the time to craft your own from scratch (giving them credit, of course).


You don’t have to publish articles or blog posts every time you share something online. Asking a provocative question is a surefire way to get people talking about your brand and involved.

Display Videos of Your Products and Company

Images stand out more to a reader who is skimming through their feed. As opposed to photos, videos have an organic reach that is 135% higher. Make the most of the potential for unpaid exposure by disseminating videos that introduce your brand or a new product.

Advice and Hints

Instead of writing a long guide, just highlight the most crucial steps. Tidbits are a great way to quickly and easily provide useful information to your readers.

Use Memes or Animated GIFs

Put a humorous spin on your post by including memes and GIFs; your readers won’t be able to resist reading it all the way through once they see it.
Even major corporations can’t escape the virality of memes and GIFs on social media. We at CoSchedule have found that memes and GIFs get a lot more attention and retweets than still images do on Twitter.

Hold a Competition

Promoting participation in a brand-related social media contest as a means to increase interaction between your brand and its existing audience. By encouraging people who aren’t already following your page to do so in order to enter a contest, you can boost your following.

Have a Party for a Holiday

All cultures place great importance on the holidays. Share a festive-themed post on your company’s page to demonstrate your holiday spirit.

Post Pictures from Recent Work Functions

Sharing photos from an internal event is a great way to add context to your posts about company culture. Sharing information about a charity event or fundraiser your company is holding on social media is a great way to raise brand awareness and support for the cause.

Respond to a frequently asked question by writing an article about it

Share a post that fully answers the question instead of making multiple replies to the same person. Keep the solution prominent by “pinning” it to the top of your social media page. Read on to learn how to pin tweets and Facebook updates.

Distribute Data Visualizations

Pinterest is a great place to share infographics that show how to do something in detail. Infographics are a visual way to communicate large amounts of data. They make even dry data interesting to look at.
15 Reasons to Talk to a Company CEO or Industry Guru

Start a conversation with someone in your field and use it as an opportunity to promote both of your businesses. If you want to start a conversation that your followers can see, Twitter is the place to do it. Locate the Twitter account of a prominent figure in your field and reach out to them.

Access to Free Materials

Everyone appreciates a good deal, and who can argue with the value of free stuff? Your target market will be grateful for the free ebooks, white papers, and other downloadable content you provide. Make a content pack or an infographic that people can download and use as a resource.

Place Upcoming Job Ads

Is there going to be more people joining the team? Do not hold back the information from your readers! The best employee is the loyal supporter who has witnessed the company’s development from the ground up. Perhaps they can recommend a friend who would be a good fit for your company. Don’t forget to include a list of available positions like Built Visible does here:

Promote New Members of the Team

Once you put up your job listing, qualified applicants will start applying. Showcase your chosen candidate(s) once you’ve narrowed down the field. Send out a message to your team letting them know how happy you are to have them on board.

Put Up Real-Time Videos

Real-time video broadcasts have recently exploded in popularity across social media platforms. You can go live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. You need to determine which channel best serves your audience’s viewing habits and where you can expect the highest volume of engagement.

Make an effort to have it air once a week. Tips on Tuesday and random trivia on Friday are just two examples. Therefore, your viewers will be sure to tune in on those days.