What Every Astute Social Media Manager Should Know About Instagram?

To those who may be new to Instagram marketing or who wish to refresh themselves on the most recent innovations and best practises, I provide this primer. Learn the fundamentals of Instagram, from posting to hashtagging, with this handy primer that’s useful for both social media rookies and seasoned pros.

Is Instagram Worth the Investment for Business Promotion?

Have you been debating whether or not Instagram marketing might benefit your business and clientele? Instagram is a vital platform for businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors and startups to manufacturers of consumer items and suppliers of SaaS.

Let’s check the figures. Consider the following data on Instagram advertising before making a call:

Because of Instagram’s massive user base (over 1.2 billion people use it every month), it’s likely that a sizable portion of your target audience is already there.
Based on the number of active users it has each month, Instagram is one of the top five social media platforms worldwide. Instagram ranks third, behind only Facebook and YouTube.
Instagram is used by over 80% of all marketers globally. That suggests your rivals are likely already active on this platform.

How to Create and Optimize a Professional Instagram Account

Follow these instructions to create your Instagram account and perfect your profile, whether you’re just getting started or have been using it for a while.

Make the leap to the business side and create an official account

If you want to utilise Instagram for promotion, you must have a business account. If you have a company or artist account, you can plan ahead, gain insights, and promote your work with ease.

The Instagram mobile app includes a “Pro” option that may be activated for a personal account. To find this option, open the account settings menu and go to the very bottom.

Choose to Upgrade to a Business Profile. Then, select a field and decide on an account type by following the on-screen prompts. Feeling confused about which account to open?

Users whose major interests are in creating content and collaborating with companies should sign up for creator accounts.
A business account is recommended for businesses and brands who want to advertise their products and services or collaborate with creators.

Make the most of your Instagram account by optimising your profile

The next step is to optimise your Instagram account. Some of the most important features of a business Instagram account are:

Start with the firm name and add any information as needed to the display name and logo. Agorapulse’s display name, for instance, incorporates “Social Media Management Tool” to increase exposure and visibility.

Use a profile image (such as your company’s emblem) that your target audience would recognise immediately as being associated with your business to increase your chances of being remembered.

Bio for Instagram:
Share your company’s offerings with potential customers. Provide a brief overview of your company, its services and products, and highlight any special features or advantages. Create a more readable area by inserting line breaks and emoticons.

Instagram accounts can include up to one external link, however the service has been testing out allowing for additional connections. The greatest landing page to send Instagram users to is one that has been specifically created with their needs in mind.

You may advertise discounts and specials, highlight items and services, and compile useful information for your readers by using the highlight function in an article. The steps for making summary highlights are described in more detail below.

Pick an Instagram button to interact with

You can encourage people to connect with your business and spread the word with a variety of call-to-action buttons on your professional Instagram account. Most business profiles have direct message or other external contact options enabled by default, such as email or phone number.

However, you may also urge people to interact with your company by suggesting they schedule an appointment, submit a lead form, place a meal order, or make a purchase from a connected store.

By modifying your profile and selecting the Action buttons option from the menu, you have access to the vast majority of the available settings. Then, select the one that works best for your company and set it up by following the on-screen instructions.

Insta-accounts need to be verified

Brands on Instagram are not required to get verified. However, a verified badge might help you gain trust from followers and stand out in the feed.

Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile settings to submit a request for a verification badge. Next, fill out the form and select Request verification.

Content Planning for Instagram

Instagram offers a variety of content formats that may be used to promote a business, including stories, highlights, and regular posts. Make use of these suggestions to produce content that interests your readers and prompts the action you seek.

Remember that product tags, which let you make money on Instagram, work with any content format. Any Instagram content, including posts, reels, stories, and live broadcasts, may be turned into shoppable links with the use of an Instagram store.

Instagram reels

When it comes to Instagram, short videos are your best chance. In early 2022, Instagram reorganised its video features around reels, and it has since been frequently updating its short-form video editing and audio capabilities.

Instagram posts

Despite the popularity of reels, brands should not neglect the importance of image postings on Instagram. A picture is worth a thousand words, therefore use them liberally when posting:

  • Graphics
  • infographics
  • showcasing products
  • Paraphrases Content from behind the scenes
  • Instagram stories

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are perfect for disseminating relevant or unique information because they only remain up for 24 hours.

One example of something you could publish is

  • Promising previews of forthcoming offerings
  • Discounts and deals that only last a short period
  • Reporting from the scene of the action