In 2023, Here Are The [4 Easy Steps] To Pre-Plan Your Instagram Stories!

I was wondering if there was a way to preload Instagram Stories.

Instagram does not yet support pre-scheduling of Stories. Hootsuite, however, allows you to plan Instagram Stories in advance using their mobile app or online dashboard. As of May 2021, Instagram Stories may also be posted using the Facebook Business Suite.

When and how to use Hootsuite for scheduling Instagram Stories

Unfortunately, third-party apps and software cannot directly publish to Instagram Stories due to a restriction in the Instagram API. This implies that there are just a few more steps to perform within the Instagram app once you’ve created and scheduled your Story. Don’t worry though; it’s a simple and fast procedure.

After reviewing the post in the Hootsuite app, you may share it to Instagram by tapping the orange Publish on Instagram button.

You can see the Instagram account the Story will appear on, the day and hour it will go live, and a copyable excerpt of the post all in the post preview. The Instagram app may be launched by selecting the orange Open to publish in Instagram button.

To view your photos in Instagram, open the app and navigate to the camera symbol in the upper left corner, then the gallery icon in the lower right. Your most recent camera roll additions will be the photos and videos you shot just for your Story.

Third, if your Story consists of more than one video or photo, click click Multiple, make your selections, and then touch Next. If your Story just has one media file, you need only select that file.

You may now incorporate any kind of dynamic text into your Story. Your whole Hootsuite post is now in your clipboard, ready to be pasted where it belongs.

5Instagram’s stickers, sketching tools, and filters allow for advanced photo editing. When you’re ready to share your work, select the Your tale option. Make sure you’re logged into the correct Instagram account by checking the profile image.

Six good reasons to plan ahead for Instagram Stories

Reduce wasted time

You may avoid interrupting your workplace and save a tonne of time by learning how to plan Instagram Stories. Instead of coming up with and publishing Stories on the fly many times each day, you can sit down and complete all of your Story prep for the week at once.

Scheduled Stories can be released immediately or at a later time with a single click.

If you want to keep your audience up-to-date on breaking news, you can always post a live Story in between your regularly scheduled ones.

The second step is to use a computer to upload your Instagram Stories.

How often have you emailed a picture or file to your phone simply so you could upload it to Stories? And then you have to go through your camera roll to find the appropriate posts in the proper sequence.

This is unnecessary when using an Instagram Story scheduler. The Stories files can be uploaded straight from your computer. Your Story’s components will be queued up and in the correct sequence at the top of your camera roll when it’s time to go live.

Improved editing features

Hootsuite’s interface has a range of editing tools that may be put to use when scheduling Instagram Stories. That means you may use fonts, stickers, and frames outside of the Instagram app to make your own unique Stories. Your own custom stickers may be uploaded and used to further distinguish your Story.

As we noted in the last section, you may do these alterations on any computer. Fine-tuning your changes with a full-size keyboard and display gives you more room for expression.

Create a unified presentation by using templates.

You may save time and ensure that your Instagram Stories all look and feel the same by using a template. Sharing text, quotations, or links to blog entries is an excellent example of where a template really shines.

The problem is that many Instagram layouts call for the usage of a computer and photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. It’s a pain to transfer your completed posts from Photoshop to your phone for sharing.

Posts may be uploaded straight from your computer, simplifying the use of templates. You’ll be more inclined to include these helpful features in your Instagram Stories content.

Check for and fix errors and broken connections

If you want your writing to look professional, you shouldn’t use your thumbs to type. When autocorrect gets involved, who cares?

You can better organise your articles’ text and links if you schedule them in advance. Use a real keyboard to type in your captions. Submit them to a spell checker and grammar analyzer. Verify all of your ties. Research existing content that is being shared using the hashtags you intend to employ.

It’s best to give yourself a little break from your work so that you can return to it with a new perspective. (You may even ask a coworker to have a peek.) That’s not easy to do on the go while publishing. The Hootsuite planner allows you to preview planned Stories at any moment before they go live.

Inspire participation

Once you learn the ins and outs of scheduling Instagram Stories, you’ll probably discover that you’re sharing Stories more frequently. More people will interact your Stories and interact with you if they know what to anticipate from you in terms of content and when to expect it.