How To Stand Out On Instagram For Small Businesses?

Instagram’s meteoric rise can be directly attributed to users’ insatiable need for photos and videos shared on the platform. Here’s how local companies can make a splash on Twitter.

Instagram, which debuted in 2010, has over a billion regular users. Instagram’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it encourages users to share visually appealing content as opposed to lengthy descriptions.

The founder of Avocado Social, Alison Battisby, is a social media specialist who has observed Instagram’s meteoric rise in popularity and believes that everyone should be using the platform. While she acknowledges its potential as a game-changer for some retail and creative enterprises, she stresses that it’s not the best fit for everyone.

And even for companies that have mastered social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram may provide a new challenge. According to Battisby, the primary distinction is that “currently you can’t link out to websites so you have to engage with people within the app itself,” which is in addition to the requirement that you have a consistent supply of strong photographs. Therefore, you should look for methods of user interaction other than simply asking for participation. Some companies have a hard time getting started; after uploading three photos, they give up.

Don’t jump before you look

She adds that the key to getting noticed on Instagram is to plan ahead. It may take some time to formulate an approach. Examine the most liked and shared photos posted by others in your industry. Find out what’s successful and what hashtags are trending by observing your target audience and the activities of your competition.

Pictures shared on Instagram can’t waste a follower’s time by being dull or low quality. Battisby advises, “You need to inspire in seconds.” People won’t read a lengthy caption, thus the picture must convey the message.

Some recommendations on when and why to use photos

Pictures are worth a thousand words, whether they’re of a product, of you and your team, or of an event. Visuals are a great way to get people interested in what you have to say and convey your message.
Consider the many kinds of pictures you could require. It’s helpful to have a range of images, including those that show your product in use as well as cut-outs and those that feature the product against a white background. In this manner, your photographs will be suitable for many applications.
Having professional photos taken is usually a wise choice. Do not undervalue a photographer’s contribution to your brand. A professional photographer’s services extend far beyond simply capturing beautiful images; they can also advise on the types of shots that will best showcase your company, arrange for appropriate lighting and sets, and come up with novel approaches that will set you apart from the competition.
Don’t resort to bad Photo-shopping if you can’t afford a professional shoot. Poorly photo-shopped photographs will reflect poorly on your company.

Pictures of the employees also seem to do well. Instagram is being used more and more by businesses as a means of recruiting new employees by providing prospective workers with a glimpse into daily operations and company values. Posting photos of yourself and your employees at work can endear you to customers, no matter how tiny your business is, especially if you run it online.

Put it elegantly

Top Instagram users don’t just post whatever they feel like; they develop a distinct style or approach that they stick to. Battisby recommends having a consistent theme.

Key photographic trends are easily discernible with an Instagram search. Battisby claims that “bird’s eye view images are ubiquitous at the moment.” “In particular,” the author continues, “flat-lay images, where you lay out a number of items.

However, Instagram is about more than simply keeping up with the latest trends; it’s also about developing your own unique aesthetic in order to attract a sizable fan base. Having something unique and interesting on your Instagram feed that users can’t find anywhere else is a great strategy to gain more followers.


Instagram’s search function is a great place to look for trending hashtags (or #Hashtags).

“Hashtags are a great way for people to find your content, so it’s important to put a few in,” explains Battisby. “You can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post, but I’d advise using no more than five to avoid coming out as desperate. Check out TagsforLikes to see which hashtags are trending in each social media subset.

Establishing rapports

Posting photos and corresponding text is only half the battle on social media. According to Battisby, “the operative word is social.” You need to meet people and strike up conversations.

They actively engage with the community by commenting and sharing content across multiple profiles rather than just their own. The key is to put yourself out there and make some new friends. That’s equally as significant as the content you share.

  • Best practises for attracting Instagram followers
  • Conduct interviews with industry insiders to find out what’s hot.
  • Pick a concept to carry through all of your Instagram posts.
  • Build up a stock of photographs to share frequently.
  • Put up content daily, preferably twice.

Don’t let people know you’re on Instagram until you’ve posted at least nine photos, as this will give them a good impression when they visit.
If you’re going to share the work of others, follow them and give them proper credit in the caption.
Find and use trending, industry-specific hashtags in your social media updates.
Use hash tags to draw the attention of other relevant businesses.