Improving Instagram Engagement With Collaborative Posts

If you’re using Instagram for business, you should know how to get the most out of it by taking use of its unique functions. Instagram Collabs is one of the most recent additions, allowing users to work together on posts to increase their visibility and exposure.

Insta-collabs: the lowdown

A Collab post on Instagram is a single Feed Post or Reel that appears on both profiles at once. Someone creates the post and then contacts another person to work with them on it. Once they do, both accounts will see the post, along with any comments, likes, or shares.

Why do companies care about Instagram collab posts?

Creators with a capital C have embraced this Instagram feature with open arms. It’s a positive sign that brands are testing the waters by participating; typically, what’s good for the creative is good for the brand, and vice versa.

Extend your influence

Increasing your brand’s exposure might be the lowest-hanging fruit of all. Collabs can help you break through the Instagram algorithm by promoting your content on the accounts your target audience already follows and interacts with.

Raise Participation Rates

In a similar vein, if more individuals come across your postings, they will have more possibilities to interact with them. There is a good chance that some of your collaborator’s followers will not be part of your usual audience, even if your audiences overlap somewhat. That’s a lot more eyeballs on your work, which is always a good thing. Remember that publishing to Instagram at optimal times may exponentially increase engagement.

Gain more fans

Everyone knows that the recommendation of someone they already like and trust goes a long way towards earning that person’s trust. People are more likely to check out your profile and give you a follow if you are recommended to them by a creative or brand they currently follow, as opposed to being discovered by chance on their Explore page. Building credibility and trust is only one strategy for expanding your Instagram following.

Boost Instagram shopping’s bottom line.

Why not maximise the potential for increased sales by combining a Collab with your brand’s existing use of shoppable posts? You may get all of these benefits and more when you combine Collabs with Instagram shopping and enhance your chances of converting individuals who visit your post into purchasers.

Six Brands’ Ideas for Instagram Collaboration Posts

Your next thought is probably this: “When and how should I use an Instagram Collab?”

Join forces with similar companies

Do you have a solid partnership with a competing brand that caters to a comparable demographic? It’s possible the firm might benefit much by forming a Collab. Consider the potential for a joint promotion, sale, or even just sharing material. Think about the topics and information that would appeal to and be useful to both of your target demographics. Then come up with a strategy to expand on it and talk about it.

Engage Key Opinion Leaders

In general, the fans of influential people are quite devoted to them. Your brand could get more attention if you work with an influencer to create a series of Instagram Collab Posts. Take advantage of their devoted following and the credibility boost that comes from having their name associated with your articles and Reels.

Put your other profiles out there.

Typically, brands will have many accounts on each service. Perhaps you have one for a certain item. Or perhaps the CEO has a huge following on their own social media. With an Instagram Collab Post, many accounts can share the same post at the same time. Furthermore, there is a good chance that someone who follows one of your accounts will also want to follow the others.

Help out a charitable organisation.

According to The Sprout Social IndexTM, the importance of a firm being aligned with an individual’s values increased by 74% between 2020 and 2022. Brands may increase their consumer engagement and loyalty by highlighting causes that are important to their target audience. You can put your thoughts into action and raise awareness for a worthy cause by participating in an Instagram Collab. Win-win.

Product introduction

By collaborating with another company or influencer, you may reach twice as many people with your next product or service launch. The benefits of working with another account on Instagram are the same as those of a regular Instagram Collab Post: you get more out of the work you’re currently putting in. Furthermore, incorporating a collaborative aspect into content that is currently being generated requires no additional effort.

Include Instagram collaboration posts in your regular marketing plan.

The value of Collab Posts to the expanding creative economy cannot be overstated. Brands will need to reevaluate their approach to social media in light of the growing importance of collaborations like these. If you need some assistance in this area, we have an article that will walk you through the steps of creating a comprehensive Instagram marketing plan that will position your business for long-term development and success.