Missoma, a jewellery company headquartered in the United Kingdom, spent money on an advertising campaign in 2020 to increase its Instagram following. Their Instagram store saw a total of 52,250 visits, with 45,459 of those being new consumers.

Missoma benefited on two fronts from this tactic: more orders and a larger fan base. There were 5,641 orders and nearly 440,000 people following the brand at the conclusion of the season. The company has become an Instagram sensation.

How to Maximise Your Instagram Following: The Best Practises

More than 1,082,000 people are using Instagram right now. This level of competition makes it difficult to get traction on Instagram; nevertheless, there is one key takeaway to bear in mind: the greatest method to attract more followers is to generate interest and views.

Make the Most of Instagram

Although suggestions like “optimise your Instagram account” may seem out of place, many firms really have pages that come off as amateurish and even fraudulent.

In addition, your photographic output as a whole should have a consistent visual style. Using graphic design software, you may easily give your photographs a unified aesthetic by using the same filter, style, or colour scheme across the board. See how Anthropologie used this technique with their own photographs in the following example.

keep your editorial calendar updated.

Instagram fame is attained by steady posting. An emerging trend in digital client involvement is providing a consistent customer experience across all channels. Because modern social media sites compete for users’ attention, their algorithms will inevitably reward those who post often.

For smaller businesses, posting consistently on Instagram may seem like an unnecessary luxury; yet, with the help of a content schedule, it’s actually very simple. A content calendar is a timetable of all of your posts that you create ahead of time.

Ways to Plan Ahead

This tactic complements “2. Keep a content calendar” quite well. Following the establishment of a content calendar, automated posting software may be considered.

Work Together With Opinion Leaders and Brand Champions

Working with well-known profiles has been an effective strategy for growing an Instagram following from the platform’s first days. That remains unchanged in 2021.

One great strategy for expanding your fan base is to team up with influential people who would promote your products or services in exchange for compensation. Partnerships with influential people and brand champions are effective, but the key to getting the most out of them is alignment, which is often ignored.

Choose an influencer whose postings are very relevant to your product or content if you want to attract the largest audience possible. More individuals will join your cause if these factors are more closely aligned.

Always promote your Instagram account

If no one sees your Instagram posts, are they truly interesting? You need to flaunt your active and intriguing account once you’ve created it in order to get additional Instagram followers.

Find out what your fans want from you

When it comes to social media, have you heard of the “80/20 rule”? A basic rule of thumb is to utilise 20% of your material to promote yourself and 80% of your content to provide value to your followers.

From what I’ve seen, Instagram users are most interested in visually appealing content like the language learning app Speak’s highlight reels, which include photographs, videos, Q&As, gifs, live videos, polls, and Instagram stories.

Discover Converting Keyword Hashtags

Hashtags are the backbone of Instagram’s structure. Hashtags are used by Instagram users to organise their material and make it more discoverable. Although there is a catch, this technique is great for companies. Due to the platform’s massive user base, popular hashtags like “#love” now have more than 184 million associated posts.

Communicate With Your Audience

This method is straightforward and effective: talk to your audience.

Building rapport with your intended audience is as simple as responding to their comments, enjoying their posts, and sharing their content. Assuming you behave appropriately on social media, this connection will raise your interaction and profile exposure, resulting in an influx of new followers.

Put Instagram Photos on Your Blog

Although we covered the benefits of cross-promotion

If your website is often visited, you should integrate Instagram postings into your most visited pages. By embedding your posts on your website, you may increase the number of people who follow you and, by extension, the number of people who become devoted customers.

Think About Instagram Ads

It’s possible that you’re already sold on the notion of Instagram advertising after reading the Missoma tale at the beginning of this post. Benefits of advertising on Instagram include reaching people who are already interested in your target demographic but may not have heard of your brand otherwise.

Running an ad on Instagram can cost anywhere from $0.20 to $6.70 (depending on the advertising type you pick), making it far more cost-effective than advertising on more conventional platforms.

But there’s one more perk you shouldn’t overlook: natural clickthroughs. As can be seen in the case of Missoma below, advertising will not only bring in new customers, but also new, dedicated fans and participants in your community.

Build Your Audience Now

Getting more Instagram followers is simple if you follow the advice in this post. You’ll get more people to see your Instagram posts, which will boost your following count. However, remember that gaining a large following on Instagram is a slow and steady process. Maintain a regular posting schedule on Instagram and adapt your approach as needed to reach your target audience.