Google Keyword Planner: 6 Must-Known Hacks To Land Your Business On Success

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Keywords are the best ranking factor on Google to increase your business’s popularity. Are you confused about choosing the right keyword for your business? No worries, Google Adwords is here to make it possible. Strong keywords generate greater traffic to your website. 

More people connect with your website when unique content exists with the right keyword. Adwords help your website to run an effective marketing plan with the keyword planner tool. 

Generally, strong keywords generate more traffic to your website that enhances the ranking on SERP. Here are the ways to gain success in your business with the keyword planner.

How Does Google Keyword Planner Work?

Google keyword planner tool provides keyword ideas for your website to gain audience attention. Since it is a free tool, even a small business can use it to find the right keyword for your business.

Type the words related to your niche and get the list of keyword ideas with the search volume. In addition, the keyword planner tool provides the bid estimation for all keywords that helps to choose keywords according to your budget.

Though the tool is easy to use, you need to know some of the tactics to draw the attention of your potential clients. How to gain those benefits? The below guide assist you with powerful tips:

1. Use The Basic Filter

The Google keyword planner contains various options to choose the right keyword. There are four different options available while using the keyword planner tool. 

  • Find new keywords: Type the new word or phrase on the search bar to get different keyword ideas.

  • Multiple keyword lists: This option provides two options in providing keyword ideas. One is the separate list and the other combines with the search word.

  • Search volume: Get the keyword list with the search volume and the past trend keywords.

  • Performance forecast: This column shows the estimated performance of a particular keyword that helps to choose the right keyword for bids.

Get the above four options with keyword typing in the Google keyword planner tool.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Grab the attention of potential customers by using the Google planner tool and get quality keywords. The keyword planner generates keywords that route audiences to the landing page. Get the recommended keywords that help audiences to find your website on the search results.

Use sufficient keywords on your landing page to gain the audience’s attention and generate higher traffic within your budget.

3. Location Targeting

Targeting is the necessary part while planning a website growth. The Google keyword planner tool routes to achieve it with filters providing the target markets in terms of your location and language. It helps to find the competition around your location and target people around your location. 

Using relevant keywords according to the location narrows down to your specific market and wins the SEO efforts. Use those keywords in all possible areas and obtain high pr backlinks from top sites to generate higher traffic.

4. Do Perfect Analysis

After choosing the right keyword, move to the review forecast option and know the estimated impressions, clicks, average ranking, and conversion rate on the search results. Using these insights, you can detect the budget for the particular keyword to run ads.

If you find that your keyword consumes the maximum budget, you can change the keyword in your content to earn the best outcomes. As a result, keyword planner tools also play a vital role in reducing your budget.

5. Compare With Competitors

The cost of a keyword while running ads depends on the level of competition for the particular word. Your ad runs on the top position based on the cost you fix for the ad. Before choosing the keyword, analyze your competitor’s site and find how much they pay for the keyword.

With that information, fix the budget to rank higher on the search results with the use of the right keyword.


The success rate in your online marketing goes higher with the use of the Google keyword planner tool. The plan to fix the budget for your ad leads to success. Effective planning in running Google ads takes your business to the next level and achieves a greater place.