Ten Crucial Facts About Facebook Video Marketing That You Should Know

There’s no denying that Facebook is responsible for a sea change in the way in which online video is consumed, a trend that has prompted other platforms to speedily adopt similar features.

With an estimated 1.32 billion active users every day, this social media behemoth has quickly risen to prominence online. If you want to promote your company and get it some much-needed attention, here is the best place to do it.

1. One, Facebook’s mobile-optimized video has increased brand recognition by 67 percent.

Thus, Facebook’s official business page confirms this figure. According to Moiz Khan, it is crucial for technology to be able to adapt to the requirements of any platform by taking advantage of those requirements. Repeating TV commercials on Facebook is insufficient. Facebook ads are distinct and should be handled as such. Some of the key things that need to be kept in mind while creating video content include adapting the ad’s duration to the target audience, grabbing the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds, and making the most of vertical screen experiences.

2. Compared to regular postings, videos get five times more attention.

Facebook’s own user behaviour research imply that the platform’s video features can attract organic views. More than three-quarters (73%) of B2B marketers say that video has a significant influence on ROI.

3. Third, 85% of Facebook video plays are watched with the volume turned down or turned off.

In continuing with my interview Moiz Khan, he shed more light on this critical fact, “With the increased occurrence of videos being played without sound, it has become all the more vital to generate video material in a storytelling form. Subtitles are essential for getting the idea through in a video.

4. Four times as much time is spent on videos that are watched on purpose,

Consumer insights are a vital component of effective marketing strategies. As a result, marketers may use consumers’ watching habits to develop effective tactics and boost profits. These are some of the most common mistakes people make when making marketing films, and you should do your best to steer clear of them.

According to Moiz Khan, it’s crucial to meet users where they are in terms of expectations. I think that commercials may be far more successful if they are designed with diverse types of consumers in mind. While a 6-second video could be OK for a Facebook user who is just casually browsing during work hours, a viewer who tunes in to Facebook Watch will have different video viewing expectations. You may get a more accurate and convincing image by tracking the success of your ads depending on their placement.

5. 5% of all Facebook videos are aired in real time

The increasing popularity of Facebook Live Broadcasts is an intriguing phenomenon. In only one year, ‘Facebook Live’ audiences have grown by a factor of four.

According to Moiz Khan, “Facebook has been pushing this route and early adopters may absolutely gain from it. There is a sixfold increase in engagements with live videos compared to conventional videos, thus they are prioritised in the newsfeed.

When used as part of a comprehensive marketing plan in the current day, Facebook Live Video has the potential to completely transform the game for many businesses.

6. Get people talking about your company inside the first three seconds.

Every Facebook video, without exception, aims to raise brand exposure. Facebook’s analysis of data on video advertising found that 23% of viewers remembered the brand more clearly if it was mentioned inside the first three seconds of the clip. Whereas only 13% were interested after 4 seconds of exposure to the brand.

7. Square videos receive 35% more views and 100% more interaction than non-square ones.

Indeed, there is solid evidence to back up this claim. Furthermore, square videos do very well on the mobile News Feed since they fill up 78% more screen real estate than a landscape video does. This visual invasion will make your video material more interesting to watch.

8. As a result, video plays a crucial role in the purchasing processes of mobile consumers.

Facebook found that 30% of mobile buyers watch videos to learn about new brands and goods. Videos are an essential part of drawing in potential customers and filling your sales pipeline.

Your video strategy’s primary goal should be to maximise video content and make it go viral, whether you’re using Facebook Stories, ad video, live or native content, or some combination of these.

9. Nine, the effectiveness of the video’s CTAs is proportional to how many people actually do the desired action.

Not everyone who starts watching the video will finish it, and not everyone who starts watching it will be inspired to do the desired action. Mid-roll calls to action, on the other hand, are a great chance to grab people while they’re really into your material.

10. More people are seeing native content.

The data clearly reveal that native Facebook video far surpasses any other type of shared video content. To wrap off our conversation, Moiz Khan remarked, “Whether it is Facebook’s News Feed algorithm that ranks native videos higher or simply the fact that viewers have a tendency towards native content, the figures speak for themselves.”


There is about to be a plethora of new tools made available for use in Facebook’s video advertising. Two examples are the augmented reality commercials and the new Facebook watch programmes.

In light of the ten facts and figures shown above, you now have all you need to become the next digital marketing sensation.