Creating A Mind-Boggling Instagram Feed: Ideas That Ensure Engagement

Because Instagram is a visual-first social networking site, you should make sure your bio is well-written. Additionally, Instagram users are more likely to gravitate toward brands with a well-organized grid over those whose feeds are cluttered with incoherent images and distracting content. To accommodate the reasons outlined above, we will offer you some brilliant Instagram feed ideas to organize your business’ grids.

Horizontal Instagram Feed 

With this theme, the concept is straightforward, in that you post three consecutive photos that showcase the same objects and vibe. What kind of information will you provide to create this spectacular theme? It is suggested you thrive on classicism and simplicity. The horizontal Instagram feed can also be of great help if you want to present your products in an interesting way. When you buy Instagram likes monthly for the recently uploaded consecutive images, you are likely to receive plenty of engagement for your profile.

 Vertical Instagram Feed

After talking about horizontal feed, it would be strange for us to ignore the tremendous value of vertical Instagram feed ideas for your business. Indeed, many other brands have used this grid layout concept, as Dior has done, but they have taken it to a whole new level. Feature the brand’s core quotes in the center and play with dancing colors on the two sides. I think you will agree that none of the brand Instagram feeds could be described as anything less than masterpieces.


An elegant and simple theme is the best way to describe this kind of design.  A theme such as this is suitable for businesses with a passionate approach to their products.

Chessboard Instagram Feed

In terms of how this theme works, it allows you to alternate two different pictures for each theme so that when they are displayed on your Instagram bio profile, it looks cool. Keeping your feed looking professional and sleek will allow you to switch very easily between pictures of products and delicate white backgrounds

White border Instagram Feed

The white border between your Instagram pictures will give your profile more space, and more space is the top trending design in this current era. The border around each image on your Feed would really make it stand out.

Dark colors

It is impossible for stars to shine without darkness. Consequently, if your products are in their best form without natural light, opt for dark hues on your Instagram account.

Core colors

It only requires your brand to effectively define your core values to come up with an Instagram feed that showcases some specific colors.

Pastel colors

The color pastel is commonly associated with joy and delight. In light of that, let’s promote those positive vibes to permeate the atmosphere!

Bright Colors

There is a striking resemblance between this Instagram feed and the previous one that was discussed earlier. Here, however, we pick bold and vibrant colors to provide a stunning Instagram feed. There are a number of bold colors that are really well-aligned together in this print.

The well-selected color and carefully curated grid layout of your images are certain to catch the attention of Instagram users, however, it’s your content that ultimately determines whether or not you will maintain their loyalty. Don’t lose sight of the importance of maintaining your brand image! Your Instagram feed thus needs to reflect the identity of your company and not just be filled with creative grid layouts and splashy colors. Nowadays, Instagram is not solely a photo-centric platform. There is therefore a high likelihood that those who are able to use videos effectively on this platform will accomplish roaring successes.


The more creative you can be on Instagram, thus increasing your reach, which will, in turn, boost your conversion rate exponentially.



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