How To Create Winning TikTok Advertising Campaign?

You might not be aware of TikTok marketing campaigns just yet, but you should be. Over a billion people are now part of the rapidly expanding channel, and the most intriguing aspect of TikTok is the propensity of its users to make purchases. As users share their favourite purchases and praise products that improve their lives, hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt provide a significant boost to brands that have invested in TikTok marketing. The channel is truly shaping up to be both a search engine and a product discovery tool for Generation Z, with TikTok users being 1.4 times more likely to buy a product that they see on their feeds. Simply put, your company won’t be able to take advantage of everything TikTok for Business has to offer unless you sign up for it. read more

Ten Crucial Facts About Facebook Video Marketing That You Should Know

There’s no denying that Facebook is responsible for a sea change in the way in which online video is consumed, a trend that has prompted other platforms to speedily adopt similar features.

With an estimated 1.32 billion active users every day, this social media behemoth has quickly risen to prominence online. If you want to promote your company and get it some much-needed attention, here is the best place to do it. read more

Techniques for Driving Social Media Sales in 2023

Let’s rewind the clock 20 years. Few individuals were considering making any kind of online purchase, much less one through a social networking platform. Around half of all online consumers now do product research on social networks. Around two-thirds (71%) of customers who have a favourable social media experience with a business are more inclined to suggest that brand to their friends and family. So, how can a company accomplish this and successfully leverage social media as a sales channel? What is it? read more

Social Media Marketing Trends For Small Business (2023)

As a small business owner, you’ll never be able to fully tame the marketing industry. The most you can do is stay somewhat ahead of the curve in comparison to the competition. This means that you should always be questioning if your strategies are still effective. You implement changes to your digital marketing strategy when necessary. Keeping tabs on marketing developments is a great approach to get a head start on this process. These small business marketing trends for 2023 might help you stay ahead of the competition as we speed towards the new year. read more