How To Build Instagram Shopping To Drive More Sales?

Need help getting Instagram shopping up and running to increase your revenue?

It’s not only you who wants to sell on Instagram and benefit from the platform’s many features and user base.

Instagram has become a vital tool for consumers to learn more about their favourite companies and find the items they want to buy. But now you can let your social media followers shop without ever leaving the app thanks to Instagram Shopping.

According to a recent research, nearly half of Instagram’s user base uses the platform to do weekly online shopping. According to the same research, 28% of Instagram users preplan their purchases.

Based on these numbers, it’s clear that Instagram is a fantastic platform for advertising your wares. In this article, you will learn the fundamentals of creating a successful Instagram storefront.

Where do I make a purchase using Instagram?

The Instagram shopping function is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to market and sell their wares on the app. Using this function, consumers may research products, peruse user reviews, and make purchases without ever leaving the app.

In order to take advantage of all Instagram has to offer, businesses need to learn how to set up Instagram shopping so that their products can be seen by shoppers with high intent.

In the past, businesses promoted their wares via Instagram advertising, with the hope that interested customers would click the purchasing link in their bio and make a purchase. This is very inconvenient for users, who are less likely to click on a purchase link if they have to leave the timeline and go to the brand’s page.

With Instagram purchasing, though, businesses can promote and sell items without ever leaving the app. It would only take a few clicks for a buyer to get from browsing Instagram to purchasing a product they spotted there.

Brands have benefited from Instagram’s shopping feature, which has increased product sales and revenue.
Instagram shopping has also helped boost sales at Magnolia Boutique. There were 117 product-tagged postings made by the company. There was an increase of 4% in traffic and 20% in income by the end of the campaign.

Facilitates the buying process for consumers

When Instagram first launched, the only option for brands to promote their online stores was through clickable bios and stories. Of course, this was in addition to utilising premier lead generation software.

Instagram has simplified online purchasing by introducing a shopping feature. This is primarily due to the ease with which potential customers can view a product while browsing the feed and then purchase it with only a few clicks.

The NBA markets its wares through an Instagram store. Customers can buy the item by clicking the “View on Website Button,” which takes them to the shopping cart.

Permits Organisations to Conduct Indirect Product Promotion

The Instagram selling process was tedious and time-consuming for buyers. Instagram Shopping has streamlined this procedure by allowing businesses to advertise their wares directly to consumers and convince them to make purchases without ever leaving the app.

This has shortened the buyer’s path and decreased cart abandonment rates for online retailers. Customers can make instant purchases by clicking your shoppable posts if you know how to set up Instagram purchasing.

Attracts Customers Who Are Serious About Making a Purchase

With Instagram Shopping, you can make your products more visible on the Explore page by using hashtags and shoppable phrases. Customers who are ready to buy will be shown your wares thanks to this strategy.

If you type “shop Palazzo trousers” into a search engine, a shoppable post like the one below will appear near the top of the results. If brands tailor their postings to the phrase, they can reach consumers with a strong intent to buy.
Shoppable posts are more likely to result in sales if you include relevant hashtags and detailed language in them. More people will see your posts and visit your Instagram store as a result.

Quickly converts fans into paying customers

You can easily turn your followers into buyers if you know how to set up Instagram shopping.

If you have an Instagram store, your followers can quickly access it while they browse your profile.

Instagram users who find an item they like can either buy it immediately from the app or follow a link to your website, where they can complete the transaction in a jiffy (so long as you’ve installed an SSL certificate and are checking its validity).

Instagram retailers would benefit greatly from video demonstrations of their products. To combine product videos, use a free online video editor like Movavi, iMovie, or Animoto. Create product videos with audio and subtitles. Multiple items can be displayed in a single video.

Helps you maximise your advertising impact

Having an Instagram store can help you get more exposure for your online store. The vast majority of consumers begin their purchase process on social media.

You can reach these people while they peruse their social media feeds by using Instagram Shopping to sell them your wares in just a few simple clicks.

Using the Instagram analytics provided by SocialPilot, you can monitor the success of your shopping campaign and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal results.


You can expand your online store’s reach by using Instagram as a shopping platform. You may increase the number of times your followers can buy your products by learning how to set up Instagram Shopping.

Create an Instagram store using the aforementioned advice to showcase your wares to an engaged audience.