A Comprehensive Guide: Instagram Hashtags

Most Instagram postings use several hashtags, demonstrating the significance of this feature. But are they just for show, or do they actually help?

Instagram posts with 11 or more hashtags receive the maximum engagement, but even posting with a single hashtag may increase engagement by 29% compared to posting without any. As a result, Instagram hashtags might improve your marketing approach by attracting a more dedicated following.

Instagram Hashtags: Why You Should Use Them

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to include hashtags in your Instagram photos, here are several advantages that the platform’s most influential users and professionals agree upon.

They Have a Following

Due to Instagram’s algorithm that rewards active users, organic follower growth might be challenging. It’s hard to get people interested if there isn’t much of an audience. However, by using relevant hashtags, Instagram users who have an interest in your content’s subject matter will be alerted to your profile.

Using the most widely-used hashtags on Instagram increases the chances that your posts will be discovered by Instagram users. However, rather than just adding trending hashtags to your posts in an attempt to boost your visibility, make sure you’re choosing hashtags that are actually related to your content.

They Boost Participation

When you have more followers, more people will see your posts in their feeds, regardless of whether you utilise hashtags or not. Hashtags should be a fundamental aspect of any Instagram marketing plan for expanding your audience and increasing interaction.

Using hashtags alone can increase interaction with your posts by connecting you with others who share your interests and who may be interested in participating in a discussion.

They Can Raise Recognition of Your Brand

Raise your company’s profile by employing a few of trending hashtags that speak to your cause and specialised audience. Choose popular hashtags that your potential customers might use to find a business like yours.

Hashtags on Instagram can also help build an audience for your business or interest group. Once you figure out which hashtags attract your target audience, you may keep utilising them to grow your following.

They Classify Updates

Video snippets, instructional carousels, and shoppable posts are just some of the common formats that brands are incorporating into their feeds. You can assist your followers identify posts that are of interest to them by using hashtags to classify them on Instagram. People who aren’t yet familiar with your brand can get a little extra context from a post with the help of hashtags.

You Can Use Them for Research

The advantages of Instagram hashtags may be seen even if you don’t utilise them. Competitor analysis and market research are two more areas where they might prove valuable.

You may learn what your rivals are up to and get ideas on how to improve your own brand by searching hashtags that they are likely to employ. To assist your newest innovations stand out from the crowd, do the same for the items and services offered by your rivals. Social media listening tools and tools made to assist you identify individuals inside a niche and uncover the hashtags and sorts of content they’re sharing are just two examples of the many Instagram research tools available.

Hashtag Categories on Instagram

Based on normal hashtag usage, we may classify Instagram hashtags into several buckets. The finest Instagram hashtags for increasing interaction and visibility may be chosen based on the specific purpose of each post.

Tags Used In This Field

Hashtags often used by businesses in a particular industry, such as the insurance or real estate markets or by bloggers, are known as “industry hashtags.” Using relevant hashtags might assist Instagram understand your company’s focus and sector. These are more for Instagram’s algorithm than anything else, as hashtags related to certain industries tend to be more crowded than generic ones. More than 75 million postings use the hashtag #realestate.

Hashtags for Specific Interests

Hashtags that reflect a certain niche or interest. They’re less often used since they’re more precise than industry hashtags. The hashtag #realestate has 75 million postings, whereas the hashtag #realestatemarketing has roughly 1 million. Hashtags like #fitnessblogger, #familyphotography, and #beautytools are all examples of hashtags that cater to certain interests or niches.

Hashtags in a Campaign

A hashtag can be used to monitor the progress of a marketing push and raise its profile. Because these hashtags are unique to your campaign, influencers who have joined forces with you may also use them to spread the word. If you’re doing a contest or giveaway along with your campaign, use these hashtags. By using the hashtag in their own postings, other users can participate. Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke, the ALS Association’s #IceBucketChallenge, and Disney’s #ShareYourEars are all instances of popular campaign hashtags.

Hot Search Terms

Hashtags that are trending on Instagram are ones that are widely used right now. Using popular hashtags is a great way to get in on the action, but make sure they are still applicable to your content. If you want to view what Instagram thinks are the best posts right now, head over to the Explore page. Then, you may analyse the posts’ hashtags to discover what’s popular in your field at the moment.

Hashtags for Brands

Businesses often use custom hashtags to increase engagement with their products and services, such as #ShareACoke (Coca-Cola) and #TodaysTopHits (Spotify). The companies frequently publish content with these hashtags, and Instagram users respond with their own content. Hashtags associated with brands foster a sense of belonging and participation. Promote your brand’s hashtag by include it in marketing materials, emails, and social media postings.

Geotagged Tweets

Hashtags with particular locations can attract users in that region, which can boost brand visibility there. These hashtags are used by local photographers, landscapers, personal trainers, and other businesses offering services to attract local clients. Ohio restaurants, the #NewYorkBraider, and the #TorontoTattoo are just a few examples.